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Segway for sale Style Segway Alternative Z1 Personal Transporter price cost is only $3100.00 While Supplies Last

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 We have an updated version Available with more features and quicker shipping below:

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Z1 Segway Alternative Off Road Personal Transporter Electric Scooter Video Below
One Year Warranty

Introducing the all new Sexy Z1 Segway Alternative Outdoor style Electric Personal Transporter. The Z1 personal electric transporter is not made by Segway and is not a Segway for sale. The Z1 Personal Transporter is an excellent Segway alternative without the Segway cost or Segway price.

The Z1 personal transporter was designed with the outdoors and rough terrain in mind. As you will see from the video below, the off Road personal transporter can go just about anywhere that you could possibly want to go including traveling over Big Rocks, Rough Terrain and Deep Snow.

The New Z1 Personal Transporter boasts 2 -1000 watt Powerful Dc Brush Motors, for a total of 2000 watts of Awesome power. (  pb- lead acid battery ) The Z1 has a built in power level indicator, weights about 110 lbs, and comes with 19" Sexy Dirt Grabbing Tires. The Z1 Personal Transporter is very versatile over many terrains and is an excellent alternative to the Expensive Segway x2.   This personal stand on scooter may look similar to the segway x2 but it isn't, it is a good segway alternative to the X2 and just as durable and dependable without the segway cost or price. ( See Specs and Video Below )

Extra Battery is $399.00 Including Shipping

Please Note:  The Height is not Adjustable

((( Wholesale Prices Available )))

If you are Interested in Reselling the Z1 Personal Transporter you will need to purchase a sample before we quote you wholesale

The Z1 Personal Transporter has just been released this September so now would be a good time to Capitalize on the next Big Thing

( You can buy two of these segway style personal transporters for what a segway x2 cost )

 ((( Video Below )))


Packaging Size:
35" X  21.6" X  27.1"

Packaging Weight:
80kg or
176 lbs

Net Weight - actual weight of Transporter
50 kg or about 110lbs
Overall Dimensions 
52*83*122cm or   20.4" Deep X  32" Wide    X  48" Tall
Max cruise speed
20km/h or 12.5 MPH
Max load
120 kg or 264 lbs
Max. Mileage (after full charging)
30-35 km or 18.6 - 21 miles
Max climb capability
25 degree
Min turning radius
Charging time
PB, 36V, 36Ah
brush DC Motor
100 v-240 v
2000 watts (2*1000w/pc)
Lifetime of battery
1-3 years
19*7-8 Tubeless Off-road Tire
Wheel diameter
48CM or 18.9 "
Pedal Size
340*430*125mm or 13.3" Deep X 17.3" Wide X 4.9" Tall
Standard Pressure
250 kpa

Why Buy from us?

We have personal transporters and can usually answer any questions that you may have.  We realize how intimidating it can be sometimes to order an expensive item that you want but are unsure of.  We have been in the same situation on many occasions so we personally know the feeling.  Our motto is to treat others the same way we like to be treated.  We are God fearing Americans who believe in Karma and doing the right thing.
If you purchase a Personal Transporter from us, rest assured you are in good hands and will receive the best customer service available and if there is ever any problem with any of the units we sell,  we will work to fix it or replace it without any hassle on your part.  Simply contact us and tell us whats going on.


The  Z1 Personal Transporter Price is only $3100 with Free shipping within the USA

All Non Residents From outside the USA Please Contact US About Shipping Before Ordering.

( There are no Import fees on the Personal Transporter in the USA...All other countries will need to consult there local customs to find out if there is an Import tax for your country)

Shipping will take at least 10 - 15 Business Days and usually arrive within a period of 30 days  

((( Your Tracking number will take at least 30 days to receive for the Z1.  Once you Receive your Tracking number the Transporters usually arrive within 3 - 5 days by Air Express. )))



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